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healthy eating for children

healthy children

Change 4 life is a Government initiative to encourage us (parents and carers) and the children in our care to “eat well, move more and live longer”

The Slimming World Way is perfect for this!

Slimming World encourages you to cook from scratch so to speak. To use lots of the Superfree foods. (fruits and vegetables) The latest directive is that we should be having not 5 a day but 8!

This is super easy on the Slimming World plan! As all the Superfree foods are fruit and vegetables! Slimming World provide a wealth of information and fantastic recipes, using a variety of foods! If you can tap into this aspect you will be not only introducing yourself to a fantastic and healthy variety of tasty foods but also your children!

As a Childminder I have been able to use the variety in my shopping to educate both my children and the children in my care! Allowing them to touch and feel things such as turnips, parsnips, squashs’, grapefruits I could go on! Chopping them up and letting them explore scent and texture. I have completely reduced the amount of processed snacks I buy. Opting for the healthy. This is also part of the Change 4 life initiative, Snack Check and Sugar Swap.

Then there is the Body Magic aspect of Slimming World, it ties in perfectly with Change 4 life, out and about and 60 minutes active. Improving the health and well being of children and adults.

So come on eat well, move more and live longer!!

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  1. simon says:

    like this post a lot. perfect for bringing more clicks in too. the keywords and links to your wilmslow childminder site are a really good idea too.