Flexible Syns

Following is taken from the “choose success” blue book in your Slimming world pack.

chocolate cake

chocolate cake

page 7

Sometimes the syn allowance of 5-15 per day is a little to tight for comfort. This is when you can use flexible syns.

It is better to allow yourselves extra syns now and again with out the punishment of reducing your syns the next day to compensate.

There is evidence that allowing yourself a little flexibility sometimes is the key to long term success. Flexible syns are a saftey valve you can use when you feel like you might just give in and loose control completely.

“And what a relief! Never again will you be able to accuse yourself of ‘blowing it’ just because you needed a few more syns on the odd day or two. The difference to your self-esteem will be monumental – and you’ll have unlocked the key to your slimming success – for good!!

So if you have a night out/ event coming up, put a number on the syns you feel will reasonably cover that night try to stick to that figure! The next day get back on plan and use your syn allowance as normal!

The following is not a flexible syn plan but it is an option!

The days before and after your night out plan them so you dont use your syns, so in effect saving them for your night out! This I would call damage limitation and NOT flexible syns.

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