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Egg and Rice Fu Yung

This is a quick and simple variation on Egg Fu Yung using some left over rice too. There are many different vegetable ingredients you could add, such as peppers, cabbage, mushrooms etc. we just used what was to hand. Many … Continue reading

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Chickpea Jalfrezi with Boiled Rice

Chickpea Jalfrezi curry with Boiled Rice. Serves four. Works even better if you use chickpeas you have cooked yourself. 2 tins chickpeas 1 large onion finely sliced 1 tin chopped tomatoes 1, 2 or 3 chili peppers, depending on how … Continue reading

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Slimming World Friendly Chicken Sunday Roast

This recipe includes all of the usual roast chicken with gravy, vegetables and even roast potatoes, but is almost syn free! Serves 4 Syns per serving extra easy = syn free excluding gravy (5 syns if using the rich gravy recipe) … Continue reading

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Slimming World and Change for Life

Change 4 life is a Government initiative to encourage us (parents and carers) and the children in our care to “eat well, move more and live longer” The Slimming World Way is perfect for this! Slimming World encourages you to cook from … Continue reading

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Superfree Foods but not Speed Food – Fruit – Vegetables

The following foods are superfree but are NOT speed or super-speed Fruit Amla (indian gooseberry) (fibre) Bananas Blueberries Cape Gooseberry (physalis) Custard apple (cherimoya) Grapes Jambu fruit Jujube (chinese date) Lychees Mammie apple Mango Mango Mangosteen Persimmon (sharon fruit) Pomegranets … Continue reading

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